Supplemental Tax Auditing Services

Tax Audit ServicesWe tailor our services based on the needs of each municipality. Our services include:

Taxpayer Education:

We may conduct newspaper interviews, attend council meetings, distribute written tax information, and meet with local groups as necessary.

Limited Canvassing:

This is a canvass of the community utilizing public information only. We match public information to internal information.


We conduct audits at the taxpayer's location when appropriate. The audit report used is the one used by the ADOR. Tax laws and appeal rights are explained at the audit closing and taxpayer’s will be given all information necessary to report correctly in the future. Confidentiality of all taxpayer business affairs is strictly maintained.

Audit selecting:

As part of a full or limited service fee we will select accounts for audit on a priority basis. The ADOR has final approval for audit.


We provide assistance to municipalities regarding law or tax code changes. We answer sales tax related questions promptly and accurately. Taxpayers that have been audited may call us for assistance in the future.


ServicesTaxpayer Education
ServicesLimited Canvassing
ServicesAudit Selecting

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