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Albert Holler established the firm in 1992. He was formally Chief Auditor for the Arizona Department of Revenue and audit supervisor for the City of Mesa, Arizona. He was on the on the drafting committee of the Model Cities Tax Code, and former chairman of the Unified Audit Committee. This experience provides assurances that municipalities and their citizens receive the best services available. Mr. Holler is recognized as an expert in Arizona sales tax

Contact number is 480-940-1130

Robert McClure

Mr. McClure joined the firm in 1998 after a career in the private sector. He managed various departments within Motorola performing different functions such as logistics, production control, subcontractor planning, auditing, rationalization and customer service expediting. His non bureaucratic approach is essential in performing the necessary auditing & consulting activities within the firm.

Contact number is 480-456-3451

Douglas Holler

Mr. Holler joined the firm in 2007 after a 25 year career in with the Arizona Department of Transportation. He managed an area in Arizona and was trained in several law enforcement activities. He currently performs services for the firm mainly in the southern part of the state and in the border towns.

Contact number is 520-604-0827

Roger Okin

Mr. Okin is a CPA who joined the firm August 1, 2010. His career included employment with the IRS, auditing for the State of California Franchise Tax Board, and serving as Tax Audit & Collections Administrator for the City of Mesa, Arizona. He is also recognized as an expert in Arizona sales tax and is an excellent communicator and auditor. His expertise is essential in providing the best services to our clients.

Contact number is 480-241-7976


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