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Local Government Consultants

The firm, established in 1992, provides supplemental transaction privilege (sales) tax audit and consulting services to Arizona municipalities. We emphasize localized services that enhance and improve upon what may be provided by the Department of Revenue.

Our sales tax audit program offers municipalities assurances that businesses are properly licensed, aware of the tax code, and filing returns accurately and timely. We use a comprehensive audit identification and selection process that is tailored to meet the needs of any municipality. Our program maximizes sales tax revenues by ensuring businesses are complying with your tax code and reporting and submitting the proper amounts.

We have expertise in handling delicate audit situations. Our approach is to handle each audit on a professional, non bureaucratic basis to avoid confrontation and maintain the public relations image of your community.

The firm provides services to over 20 municipalities in Arizona. This experience provides assurances that municipalities and their citizens receive the best services available.

The key advantages of using our services are:
  • Tax audit experience
  • Proven methodology
  • Positive results


ServicesTaxpayer Education
ServicesLimited Canvassing
ServicesAudit Selecting

Contact Info

Phone: 480.940.1130
Fax: 480.705.9481

Recent Developments

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New Legislation:
The tax law became effective January 1, 1015 with certain financial and administrative provisions that will affect cities... More >>